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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. > hello, i'm jc hayward. we just learned that dc's republican committee announced that adrian fenty won the republican primary as a write in. fenty lost tuesday's democratic primary to dc council chairman, vincent gray. while fenty repeatly said that he has no interest in becoming
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the republican candidate, it appears that the gop really wants him to reconsider. the republican committee released this statement, by mayor fenty running on the republican ballot, more voters will be able to decide who should be elected our next mayor. fenty has until today to decide. we are continuing to follow a developing story from london. right now five men are being held in connection with an alleged threat against the pope. at this point, investigators remained tight lipped. we get the latest information from charlie dagada who is in london. >> reporter: british security teams are on guard after uncovering a suspected terror plot targeting pope benedict. counterterrorism teams got word of the threat overnight and launched a raid on an office in central london. five men are under arrest between 26 and 50 years old,
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all reportedly of arab decent. they haven't found any hazardous material in their searches. the pope spoke to him and said the pontiff was told as he visited with thousands of catholic school children. >> not many people see him and i'm really happy. >> scotland took a closer look at the security arrangements in place for the pope's four-day visit here and decided there's no need to change the pope's itinerary. pope benedict almost always travels in his pope mobile with 8 to 10 body guards. the plot comes amid anger over the child's sex abuse scandal. >> i'm a victim of sex abuse. i was beaten up by catholic brothers in my school and i feel the pope's message is of hate. >> the terror suspects could be in custody until then, british police can hold them
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for questioning for seven days without charge. charlie dagada, cbs news, london. we'll speak with thousands of pilgrims at an open air service in london's high park. a pedestrian was struck in rockville and sky 9 was there. this happened on randolph road near hunter lane. montgomery county police say the woman who was struck may have suffered broken bones, but she should be okay. police are talking to the driver to find out exactly what happened. >> and u.s. capital police shot a man early this morning who was carrying a gun on capitol hill. shots rang out at 2nd and c streets southwest. our 9news now has the latest from the scene. >> 5:00 a.m. friday, a lookout is broadcast over radio. there's a man with a gun wandering around capitol hill. >> shortly after that initial lookout went out, capital
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police saw that suspect standing just over there at the intersection of 2nd and c street. he was standing there and he was holding that weapon. the officers observed the man brandishing a weapon. he matched the exact lookout. the officers fired, fearing for their lives. >> u.s. capital police say the officer shot the suspect after he failed to comply with their orders to drop the weapon. police won't say how many shots were fired, nor will they say where the suspect was hit. he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. >> at this point, i don't have an id on the suspect and i don't have the suspect's condition. >> several streets were shut down during the morning rush as police work to process the crime scene. no word on who the suspect was and where he was carrying a weapon, but they are sure he was acting alone. >> this was an isolated incident. the sole suspect is in custody and we don't have anyone outstanding. it was one person. >> in washington, kristen fisher, 9news now. >> the doctor who was shot
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inside johns hopkins hospital is recovering today. coworkers identified him as dr. david cohen. a spinal surgeon who has been at the hospital for more than a decade. according to police, dr. cohen was shot yesterday by 50-year- old paul warren pardus. this happened after dr. cohen gave an upsetting diagnosis about pardus's mother. after shooting the doctor, he held himself up in his mother's room and when a s.w.a.t. team broke in, they found pardu, and his mother dead. pardus and his mother lived in arlington, virginia, and neighbors say they are surprised by this news. >> he was always there for her. he rode with her. he never left her side and i told her when i seen him walking her out that she had a great son. >> pardus's brother said their
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mother had arthritis and wouldn't have been able to walk again. a dying teen's last words to find his killer. the unidentified victim called police. when officers got to the parkway, the victim described his two attackers. the victim died on the way to the hospital from a gun shot wound. the bp oil spill could be completely capped by this weekend. a relief well is now joined to the blown out well. crews will pump in mud and cement to close the leaking well for good. 11 workers were killed when the deep sea horizon oil rig exploded, touching off the biggest oil spill in u.s. history. a woman in vancouver, virginia, could face criminal charges for making up a story of a horrific acid attack. manuel reports, everyone is trying to figure out why she would do such a thing.
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>> bethany storro got national attention and sympathy when she first spoke from the hospital three weeks ago. >> why did this happen to me? and then i'm okay. i'm sorry. >> she claimed the black woman threw acid in her face. now police say it was all a lie. >> from the very beginning, her story had a lot of holes and red flags and as we developed more and more information, it was very clear that this was probably a self- inflicted act. >> investigators got a search warrant thursday and when they confronted storro with their suspicions, she crumbled. >> during the interview, ms. storro admitted her injuries were self-inflicted. >> she could be charged with filing a self-report or fraud. police wouldn't comment on why she did it. >> is there a motive? i'm sure there is and one can only wonder what her state of mind is. >> her hoax may have a real victim.
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a woman in arizona was burned by acid in what may have been a copy cat attack. she is shocked at the turn of events. >> my initial reaction was, it couldn't be possible. i thought no, this has to be some rumor out there or something, but i can't imagine someone doing this to themselves. >> police don't believe she was targeted, but they don't have a suspect. manuel, cbs news, new york. >> comedians john stewart and steven cober are planning a rally. stewart hosts comedy central's, the daily show. he is promoting a rally to restore sanity on october 30. steven cober is promoting an opposing rally called march to keep fear alive. cober hosts comedy central's the report, national park service officials say the men have filed for a permit, but that permit has not been
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approved yet. coming up next, a child wanders out on to a busy highway while his mother is sleeping. you'll see exactly. >> it's the end of the world as soap opera fans know it. >> i was absolutely furious.
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there were some nail biting moments when a curious baby crawled out on to a busy highway. the little boy was taking a nap outside with his mother when he
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decided to wander into traffic. a truck driver noticed the child and alerted other drivers to slow down. the child was not injured. metro transit is considering a suicide prevention program. suicides on metro rail surged last year to 11. that's a 50% increase from 2008. so far this year, there have been four suicides. the program will educate employees and the public about the signs of someone who may be thinking about committing suicide on the railway system. >> usually people plan. they will visit the site more than once. they will come and go for a number of weeks and you see them and our employees see them. >> the program will also teach employees about confronting a potential suicide situation. if the full metro board gives final approval on september 30, then the search will begin to find the contractor to carry out this plan. the chief of loudoun
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county's public schools is laying out his goals for the next decade. they include building 21 new schools. only eight are approved and there is only land for four new schools. the new school superintendent, dr. edgar wants green technologies to be built in and also wants 4,000 new school employees. this story is on the loudoun county pages of where you live, our section on find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. coming up next, howard and the weekend forecast. >> yeah, jc. had a cold front push through this morning. clearing the air a little bit. it's feeling good out here. allergy numbers have come in and check it out, the tree pollen and grass pollen are low. but that's moderate as are the mold spores. your weekend forecast, friday night football outlook, it's
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all coming up when 9news now at noon returns. xc@3w÷)
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today marks the end of the road for one of the longest running soap operas. ashley morrison talked to one of the leading lay disof as the world turns about leaving the show after more than three decades. >> the world stops turning friday afternoon. tv's longest running soap opera is going off the air. >> you are absolutely right. >> viewers were first introduced to the hughs family in 1956 and they have been following its ups and downs
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ever since. actress, coleen has been in it since 1978. many got to know her as barbra ryan and she got to know her tv family like her own family. >> it was the most difficult thing to let go of besides letting go of barbra ryan, was letting go of my as the world turns family. >> coleen relied on her family when she battled tongue cancer. she convinced her producers to raise awareness. >> i was diagnosed with this and went through what i went through in order to get the word out. >> now that she is closing this long chapter of her life, coleen feels like she is feeling her fans in th lert. >> everything that they have gone through, the craziness and laughter and the marriages and the divorces. >> your love gives me strength. >> and the affairs. it's going to be very
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difficult. >> but the last show won't let her fans down. >> i just wept when e read it. and it is saying good-bye. >> and there is life after oakdale. she is working on a one woman's show and hoping to make it back to broadway. ashley morrison for cbs news, new york. soap operas have been struggling to hold on to audiences. the guiding light went off the air last year after 72 years on radio and television. we are used to hearing about tornadoes in the plain states but rarely does one happen in the northeast, particularly new york city. the national weather service is trying to confirm reports of a possible tornado in the burro of queens. a woman in her car was killed when a tree fell on her vehicle. winds were clocked up to 100 miles per hour. several trees, power lines, and street signs were knocked down.
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>> my used to be car is now a convertible and the tree came down in one piece. i have lived here for ten years. i have seen bad wind. they said there was a tornado warning. i think it hit. >> more than 20,000 people are left without power. some won't have their power restored until sometime this evening. howard is here with our first forecast. >> that's kind of similar to what we had in alexandria during the month of august. it could have been straight line winds, investigate to see how things fell. straight lined winds, whether service is charged with that responsibility. for this afternoon and this evening, the rest of today at a glance. about 84 by 3:00. we are 81 now. we are one of the warmer spots. 6:00 p.m., we are back in the 7 0áz. at 9:00, you go to high school football game tonight, it's
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looking good. temperatures will be in the 70s and into the 60s. clear and cool overnight. great for the football game. by morning, north winds will slack at 5-miles per hour. saturday, looks to be a sunny and gorgeous day. 79 to 84. light winds, variable, 5 miles an hour. don't expect a breeze tomorrow. sunday, we'll have more of a breeze and a few more clouds. last night, showers, only about a couple hundredths here in southern maryland and a quarter inch, so very happy to see that. you'll notice the showers and some of these had an imbredded lightning and thunder as they came through. today we see clouds. they are starting to break up, except in the mountains. the clouds are hanging tough and that's doing a number on the temperatures. 52 in oakland, cumberland is 66. it's chilly there. winchester is 70. and go south, we have 80 from
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fredericksburg and 82. we sit at 81. just up the road in montgomery county and leesburg, low to mid 70s. so a lot cooler up north than down south. right now, 81. partly to mostly cloudy. dew point is in the upper 50s. and a wind out of the west, northwest. did you see that humidity? only 47% as this storms have left, the front is coming through. you can see the clearing. have to go back to the midwest for the clearing because the elevation helps lift a little bit and produce those clouds. high pressure in michigan, northwest low behind the front. we are drying out and we are going to stay that way throughout much of the weekend. tonight we clear out. tomorrow we are looking good. we go through the day with mostly sunny skies. by sunday, a front coming through, may touch off a shower mostly in the mountains. as we go through the weekend, this afternoon, your high temperatures, again about 84 here in town. we could be pushing mid 80s. but holding in the 70s, and
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only around 60 in garrett county and lows ton, lots of 50s on the board to lower 60s here in town. it's going to be nice. i want to show you quickly, 120- mile an hour winds, that's going on towards mexico. lots of rain there and out on the tropics, igor, still 120. julia is weaker. igor will be in bermuda sunday night. here's our seven-day. 83 tomorrow. nice again on sunday. 85 for the skins game. monday and tuesday, low to mid 80s and by wednesday, upper 80s as we welcome fall wednesday night at 11:09. stick around, we are going into the kitchen when 9news now at noon returns. !% wúçúwú
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i want to remind you that monday through friday, we start at 4:25 a.m. if you want the latest weather, traffic, and news, you want to tune in to channel 9. 4:25 monday through friday a.m. now i want to tell you about a festival that has been going on for 50 years in the washington area. if you like greek pastries and good greek food and great greek music, then you want to come to the festival that is being held by the saints constantine and helen greek orthodox church. it's located on 16th street northwest. i have one of the parish members here with me. alexander. all the pastries are made by hand by the lady society and it is so successful, it's a great festival to bring the kids to and what are you making for me
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today, alexander? >> today, we, not just me, we are making boclava. a favorite. it's quite simple actually. it's chopped walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, and some cloves and then we do layers. what i have done, a mixture of cinnamon and sugar and walnuts and then i started off the pan here with bottom layers and then i put down a layer of the walnuts and then this is dough. it's very thin. i don't know if you have been familiar with. >> it tears. now that one isn't tearing. how did you keep that? because you kept it nice and moist? >> we keep it covered with a damp cloth so it doesn't dry out. that's the challenge you have. then we are going to butter it. we have nice warm butter. and what is better is butter, the syrup is made with honey and one of the key things to this is you have to have it hot
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and use syrup cold. we already made the syrup. it's honey and believe it or not, sliced lemon, cinnamon stick here, and sugar. and that's already made. so what we are going to do is another layer of filo. >> i just want to make sure that everybody knows besides this, let's talk about some of the other things they can get. my favorite. >> here we have a pastry platter of all the pastries. of course we have a whole dinner menu. roast leg of lamb, and if you are hungry for lunch, we are open right now and friday. >> friday and this evening, all day saturday and sunday. 16th street. saints constantine green orthodox church. it is a fabulous festival to go
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to. oh wow. thanks for being with us. thank you. >> see you at the festival. >> all right, and come back and visit us at 5:00. bye. cñcñcocccccccccvcvcvcvcvccc
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